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Super Bowl Minneapolis Sunset photograph

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About the photo, I shot this one on Super Bowl Sunday. I actually missed most of the first half to get this shot. I have waited for two years to get this shot, and even though it was bitterly cold out, I still went out to get it. The reason I waited two years to get this photo is I really really really wanted to have searchlights in the photo. I thought for sure they would have them out for an event like the Super Bowl. My vision was to have the US Bank Stadium, the Minneapolis Skyline, and after sunset color in the sky, and searchlights. Well, I didn't get those searchlights but I did get some amazing colors on the skyline. I loved how the buildings and the stadium lit up in different colors for the event. I shot this from the Witches Hat water tower. I was up on that hill the tower sits on for 40-minutes in zero degree temperatures with the wind blowing in my face. The weather was quite miserable. I was up there that long as I kept waiting for the searchlights to show up, and also it is just something you have to do to make sure you get the right sky and colors in your photo. I took a new batch of photos every few minutes as the color of the sky changed and the skyline kept lighting up more. This one is actually the last photo I took before packing it up and heading back to my car to warm up.