My Most Popular Minneapolis Photograph of 2020

Hennepin Reflections - Minneapolis Skyline Art | William Drew Photography

It is not often that this happens but in 2020 the photo that had the most engagement also happened to be my favorite photo of the year. And that photo is the one you see above, a print that I call Hennepin Reflections. 

I was over by DeLaSelle High School on Nicollet Island, looking around the riverbank for a spot to get a clean look at the skyline. The riverbank in this area is very steep and is heavily wooded. But after looking around for 20-25 minutes did find an opening in the trees, but even after finding that, it took another 10 minutes to figure out how to get a spot to take advantage of the opening.

I ended up sitting on the ground, with my legs out in front of my bracing myself against some tree trunks. I had my tripod set to the smallest setting on the bag leg and the tallest setting on the front legs, and the entire time I just kept hoping the my camera and/or myself didn't end up tumbling down into the river. 

But it all worked out, and I captured my favorite photo of 2020.

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