November Dawn - A Minneapolis Sunset Print

November Dawn - Minnesota Sunset

It is always a fantastic way to start your day when the early morning sky looks like this, it is even better when you can see this view right out your front door.

That is exactly how this photograph came to be. My dog work me up early in the morning to let me know she had to go outside. As I was walking her to my back patio door, I noticed the brilliant colors beaming into my frontroom window. As soon as she got outside I quickly grabbed my camera and simply stepped out onto my front step, enjoyed the beauty of the early morning light, and then of course captured this photograph. 

The added twist to this photograph is what is right behind that treeline. I live one block north of the city of Minneapolis, and right behind that treeline is Interstate-94 as it flows into downtown Minneapolis. As peaceful and serene as this scene looks, it comes with the added touch of heavy traffic on the interstate.

This print is available on paper, canvas, metal and acrylic and looks fantastic printed up and hanging on a wall. 

November Dawn - Minneapolis Sunset Wall Art

You can also get this sunset in Minneapolis photo on various merchandise items like tote bags, throw pillows, and coffee mugs. 

November Dawn - Minneapolis Sunset Merchandise

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