Disney Fireworks From Across Seven Seas Lagoon

Disney Fireworks V - Disney Prints For Sale | William Drew Photography

I love photographing the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the boat dock at Disney's Transportation and Ticket Center. I try to get there once each trip I make down there. In fact, on many trips, it's the first thing I do if I take a later flight and get down there in the evening. For me, there are many benefits to this location. It is easy to get a good spot. If you are in the Magic Kingdom, you have to waste a couple hours of your day staking out a good spot. Here at the TTC, you can show up a few minutes before the show. You can get a much bigger view of the show.

Disney Fireworks - Disney Art Prints | William Drew Photography

With the new Happily Ever After show, you may miss some of the details in the projections, but you can really see the fireworks, especially the 360-fireworks that circle the Magic Kingdom. They also play the music for the show at the boat dock, so you get to listen to the fantastic soundtrack they have with their various fireworks shows.

Disney Framed Art | William Drew Photography

The evening I took this photograph was during a Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. They changed them up a little bit, but the Christmas Fireworks are a little different than the Wishes show. I did not have to worry about missing the projections with the Christmas Wishes fireworks. It was all about the beauty of light painting with those fireworks. Though, when you look at Cinderella's Castle in this photograph, you can still make out all the glitter lights that are flashing on it. If you were there watching the show, these lights would appear to be twinkling lights, but since this was a long exposure it appears that they are all just on, and it adds a different beauty to it. 

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This Disney Photograph is available as a Disney Framed Art piece, and also a Disney Canvas Wrap. There are many other options to choose from as well, all starting from less than $20. 

Have you ever watched the fireworks from the TTC? Or how about at the Polynesian Resort? I have never watched from the Poly. Maybe someday I will have the time to do so. 


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