6 Disney Christmas Photos that Perfectly Show The Disney Magic

I absolutely love going to Walt Disney World during the Christmas season. Well, ok, I guess I love going there any time of year, but the Christmas season is in a league of its own. There is nothing more magical than walking down Main St. USA and seeing Cinderella's Castle lit up in it's Christmas Dream Lights and listening to Christmas music. 

It is almost a sensory overload while walking around at Disney's Magic Kingdom, but I do my best to find the best Disney Christmas Photos that I can find. 

Magic Kingdom Christmas - Disney Christmas Photos | William Drew Photography

The Disney World Christmas Photo that you see up above was taken from the Transportation and Ticket Center. It is often the first photograph that I take after arriving at Walt Disney World. I'll often get to my room, and while not wanting to blow a day when getting to the park in the evening, I'll just go to the TTC, I can take photos like this one, and watch the fireworks too.


Magic Kingdom Train Station - Disney Christmas Photos | William Drew Photography

When I do get to the Magic Kingdom, I always stop before entering and get a photo of the Christmas Trees that are outside of the Train Station. This photo is my favorite of those photos, and I hope you like it too.


Magic Kingdom at Christmas - Disney Christmas Photos | William Drew Photography

After walking through the Magic Kingdom Train Station, and getting to Main St., USA, you can then get a breathtaking view of Cinderella's Castle. They no longer have the wreaths strung out across Main St, but nothing says Christmas at Disney more than this photo does to me. 


Epcot Christmastime - Disney Christmas Photos | William Drew Photography

Of course, Epcot also has Christmas lights up during the Christmas Season. This one shows Spaceship Earth with the Epcot Christmas tree nearby. This photo was taken from across the World Showcase Lagoon while at the Japan Pavilion. 


Hollywood Studios Christmas 5 - Disney Christmas Photos | William Drew Photography

Hollywood Studios has also ramped up their Christmas Decor, and I can say that I absolutely loved what they did last year with bringing their Christmas tree from into the park and put right by Echo Lake. It looks STUNNING there. 


Christmas Wishes Finale 2 - Disney Christmas Photos | William Drew

And of course, you can end your Disney Day with some Christmas Wishes Fireworks at a Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.


Have you ever been to Walt Disney World during Christmas? If so, what is your favorite Disney Christmas experience?


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