Hidden Mickey in Cinderella's Castle Dream Lights

Hidden Mickey Cinderella's Castle - Disney Wall Art Prints | William Drew Photography


As I was enjoying the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, I found myself spending a lot of time around the entrance to Tomorrowland taking photos of Cinderella's Castle. It doesn't matter how often I see the castle lit up in its Dream Lights (or Christmas Lights), it is still such a breathtaking view. As well as I (and other photographers) have learned to properly photograph it, it really is something you have to see in person to get the whole emotional push you get from seeing it. 

For the photo above, I was probably in a place I shouldn't have been. In fact, no one was around me at all the entire 20-25 minutes I was in this area taking photos of Cinderella's Castle. I went in the exit walkway for Stitch's Great Escape. That walkway has several locations with great views of Cinderella's Castle. While I was back there, I found a few different places to take photos from, and at each, I patiently waited for a few different color changes on the castle so I could get different looks from each spot. So I was back there for a while and enjoyed a little bit of very rare solitude while at the Magic Kingdom. 

For the two photos below, I was closer to the main Tomorrowland walkway while still in the exit area of Stitch's Great Escape. I love the views and photo opportunities while on this exit walkway. Which color do you prefer in the photos below? 


Have you spotted the Hidden Mickey in each of these Cinderella's Castle photos? It is actually in the Christmas/Dream Lights on the castle. If you can't spot it, send me a message and I will gladly point it out to you! 


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