Jingle Bell Jingle BAM Christmas Fireworks Show at Hollywood Studios is Amazing!

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On the 7th day of my recent Walt Disney World Vacation, I made it to all four theme parks. The day started at Epcot, where I road Soarin', had breakfast at The Land, and slowly made my way over towards France where I could take the walkway over to Disney's Boardwalk. Of course, I took many photos along the way. Once at the Boardwalk Resort, I went straight to the bus stop where I didn't even have to wait for a bus to the Animal Kingdom. It showed up as I was approaching the stop. That never happens to me while I am down there so I took that as a good sign.

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I took advantage of the single rider line at Expedition Everest while at Animal Kingdom, but I spent most of my time enjoying some quality time with my camera and a beautiful Florida afternoon. To get to Hollywood Studios, I took a bus from the Animal Kingdom back to Disney's Boardwalk Resort and then I walked over to Hollywood Studios. My goal for Hollywood Studios was to photograph the Jingle Bell Jingle BAM fireworks from out in front of the Chinese Theater/Great Movie Ride. I had seen and photographed these fireworks from the other side of the pond by Indiana Jones the other two times I had seen this show. That is a great location to photograph from, but you can't see all of the projections from over there.

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I arrived at Hollywood Studios about an hour before the show started not knowing how crowded it would be, or how good of a spot I would be able to get. At the Magic Kingdom, sometimes all of the good locations to photograph the fireworks from are claimed a few hours before the show. As I walked up to the front of The Great Movie Ride I noticed a television camera front and center up on a podium. It looks like Disney would be filming that evening's fireworks. There was then one, and only one, photographer standing right next to the podium, so I took up a spot right next to him. He was from England and was also on the 7th day of his trip. A few minutes later, another photographer took the spot next to me. And he was also from England but on the first day of his 21 day holiday. So, there I was, between two other photographers who were both from England. 

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We were all right at the front of the tape line that Disney puts down to keep walkways open. There was a 10-foot walkway in front of us, and then another section where guests could watch the show from. Of course, right when the show started, the guy right in front of us, at the back of that section, put his kid up on his shoulders, rendering all of our shots useless as the kid blocked off nearly all of The Great Movie Ride. Parents here is a tip for you: Never, EVER put your kid up on your shoulders. Sure, it is easy and lets your kid see the show perfectly. But you completely ruin it for everyone behind you. Hold your kid on your hip. They can still see, you can still see, and everyone behind you can still see.

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Anyway, the Hollywood Studios Fireworks started, and it was fantastic. The projections on The Great Movie Ride were amazing. I loved the soundtrack, and I loved photographing it. I ended up with 10 different photographs from this show that are all fantastic. I very rarely get that many photographs of a fireworks show. I have included four of them here on this blog. Come back again soon to see some of the others.

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I hope you enjoy this Disney Photographic Blog, and please feel free to share it! 


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