Magic Kingdom Christmas from Across Seven Seas Lagoon

Magic Kingdom Christmas - Disney Christmas Art | William Drew Photography

I love watching and photographing the fireworks from the Transportation and Ticket Center. It is a completely different perspective from watching the fireworks on Main Street, and the fireworks appear way bigger than you could imagine.

The night I took this photo was a Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party evening. I had actually spent most of the day at The Magic Kingdom enjoying the typically lighter crowds that they have on Party days. I then went and had dinner with some family that was in town, and then made my way back to the TTC for the Christmas Party Fireworks.

When I arrived at the TTC and made my way to the boat dock, a boat had just docked, so I stood by one of the gates, holding it open so people could easily walk through. Tons of friendly people offered their gratitude when they went by. After that crowd cleared I started setting up my tripod and camera. It was then that I noticed someone down at the front corner of the loading dock waving me down. There were two other photographers down there with their tripods and cameras. I had never been down by that part to watch and photograph the fireworks, so it was nice to get down there and also meet some fellow Disney photographers.

This photo was taken before the fireworks started. It is always a nice, quiet moment before the fireworks begin, and I hope I captured that peaceful moment in this photo for you!


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