Disney's Magical Christmas

Disney Art Print - Magical Christmas Time

I had arrived at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom theme park just in time to watch the Festival of Fantasy parade. I grabbed a spot right by the Main Street Train Station to watch the parade as it was a nice spot that was still available showing up at the time I did. Once the parade finished, I went up onto the Train Station to enjoy the view and take some photos of Main Street, USA.

It actually took quite a while for me to get to the spot where I took this photo from. I did take other photos from up there, but I wanted to get this spot, where I had the straight on view of the Christmas Tree and Main Street. There was a group of people up there, and one guy was standing right against the railing, right in the middle where I wanted to be to get this photograph. He was enjoying the view, and I wasn't in a hurry so I just patiently waited while he was there. After a while, he then turned around and took a step away. But he immediately then turned right back around and grabbed his phone to take some photos. Put his phone back in his pocket, and still stood there while the rest of his group made their way down the stairs. It was kind of funny how he psyched me out with the "I'm going to leave now... psych!". And even though I had to wait for awhile, I can never be mad at someone who is taking in the magic that is Disney's Magic Kingdom.  

This Christmas photo features the Magic Kingdom Christmas Tree on a beautiful Florida afternoon, as well as all of the typical Magic Kingdom magic that goes on during the day. The Christmas tree completely blocks out Cinderella's Castle, so it is that one time of year where you cannot see the castle from the Train Station. You can, however, see all of the Toy Soldiers and other Christmas decor around Main Street this time of year.  

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